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EMS Consulting


Health and Life Sciences, Commerce, Manufacturing

About EMS Consulting

EMS Consulting strives to perform at an optimal level as your strategic partner. We are not just an implementation partner; we create a unique digital strategy for your organization that enables Salesforce as a catalyst to reach your transformational business goals.

The Challenge

EMS Consulting, a prestigious consulting firm, faced the challenge of effectively reaching their diverse client base with personalized, real-time communications. Their existing marketing tools lacked advanced customization capabilities and failed to deliver the desired level of engagement, resulting in low conversion rates and missed opportunities.

Our Solution

We proposed a custom-designed Salesforce Marketing Cloud architecture to optimize their marketing efforts and create more engaging, personalized customer journeys. Our solution aimed to leverage the robust capabilities of Marketing Cloud to deliver timely, relevant messages and foster stronger relationships with their clients.

How We Did It

We commenced our engagement by comprehensively understanding EMS Consulting’s marketing needs and challenges. We then configured the Marketing Cloud architecture to their specific requirements, setting up personalized email templates, landing pages, and form handlers.

We implemented the Marketing Cloud Account Engagement connector, which allowed for seamless integration with their existing Salesforce systems, providing a unified view of customer interactions across all channels. This in-depth customer understanding facilitated the creation of highly personalized and effective marketing campaigns.

Additionally, we set up the Engagement Studio, a powerful tool within Marketing Cloud that enabled the creation of dynamic, customer-centric journeys. By incorporating real-time analytics and customer data into campaign design, EMS Consulting could make data-driven marketing decisions and adjust their strategies based on user responses.

The Result

With the custom-built Salesforce Marketing Cloud architecture, EMS Consulting successfully overcame their marketing challenges. They managed to reach their clients with personalized, real-time messages, resulting in significantly improved engagement and conversion rates.

The automated features of Marketing Cloud allowed for efficient campaign management, freeing their marketing team to focus on strategic initiatives. The real-time insights provided by the Engagement Studio enabled EMS Consulting to continuously refine their campaigns, ensuring optimal results.

The adoption of Salesforce Marketing Cloud transformed their marketing operations, driving growth, and enabling them to deliver exceptional client experiences. Their marketing efforts are now powered by advanced technology, demonstrating the profound impact of our custom Salesforce solutions.