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The Client

Freedom Mortgage


Financial Services

About Freedom Mortgage

Family-founded and operated since 1990, Freedom Mortgage helps millions of Americans buy and refinance their homes—a key step in achieving financial stability and success. We’re one of the nation’s top mortgage lenders because we are dedicated to expanding homeownership, including among first-time homebuyers and U.S Veterans and service members.

The Challenge

Freedom Mortgage, a leading mortgage lender, faced significant challenges managing their vast customer data and leveraging it for personalized communication. Their existing CRM system struggled to provide a consolidated view of customer interactions, inhibiting their marketing efforts and overall customer relationship management.

Our Solution

We recommended the integration of Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Financial Services Cloud to streamline their operations and facilitate more targeted, personalized communications. This unified system would consolidate all customer interactions in a single place, enabling Freedom Mortgage to deliver personalized experiences and enhance customer engagement.

How We Did It

Our initial focus was on implementing Financial Services Cloud, which would offer a comprehensive view of each customer’s journey. This platform, tailored for financial services, would consolidate customer data across all channels, providing a unified view and enabling more effective customer relationship management.

Once the Financial Services Cloud was in place, we integrated the Salesforce Marketing Cloud. This allowed Freedom Mortgage to leverage the rich customer data for more personalized, timely, and relevant marketing communications.

Custom email templates and landing pages were set up to facilitate effective marketing campaigns. Engagement Studio was configured to create dynamic customer journeys based on real-time customer data, enabling Freedom Mortgage to refine their marketing strategies constantly.

The Result

The integration of Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Financial Services Cloud revolutionized Freedom Mortgage’s operations. The ability to view comprehensive customer interactions resulted in more personalized service, enhancing customer satisfaction, and retention.

Their marketing efforts improved significantly, with personalized campaigns leading to higher engagement and conversion rates. The adoption of these Salesforce solutions helped Freedom Mortgage enhance their customer experiences, foster deeper customer relationships, and drive business growth.